Vicki Bennington is a writer and editor who enjoys what she does. She worked for several years in the business sector, and then concentrated her efforts in the field of editing, writing and ad and graphic design, working in a freelance capacity, and “dabbling” in photography. Her work has been published in newspapers, business journals, historical books, Fortune 500 company literature, Web sites and various other publications.She recently co-authored a non-fiction work, A Life in Parts, which will be released in the fall of 2012. She is also currently conducting research for her first novel.Vicki has edited several books for publication, as well as numerous articles, proposals and other documents, and works in a consultant capacity for various businesses in a variety of industries.

A Life in Parts Cover

She has been recognized by the Illinois Press Association for her journalism work and placed in the top five in a fictional writing contest involving thousands of entrants.Vicki has traveled extensively all over the world, spent a great deal of time in the United Kingdom, and lived in Australia for two years. She now lives in Godfrey, Ill. with her husband, Gary.
Vicki’s educational accomplishments include a bachelor’s degree in mass communications, and a secondary degree in marketing from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She also holds an associate’s degree in business.They have two daughters, Casey and Olivia.